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Innovate constantly, analyze beyond the legal scope, and create solutions: we are always one step ahead.

To be different, it is necessary to think outside the box. It is required to be more than an office: connecting the business reality to the complex legal world.

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Niche specializations

Private Security
The only law firm in the country specialized in Private Security regulatory activities. Resolution of regulatory conflicts, focusing on specific...
DPO as a Service
Solution providing specialized and cost-effective support for companies to meet their legal obligations regarding the protection and processing of personal...
Crypto Assets e Exchanges
Legal planning for crypto asset projects and risk assessment. Legal Opinions on the legal feasibility and legality of businesses and...
Gaming and Sports Betting
Regulatory, contractual, and corporate advisory in sports betting, e-Sports, and video games. Tax consultancy related to the gaming and betting...
Payment Methods and Fintechs:
Advisory and implementation of activities in accordance with regulatory, contractual, corporate, tax, compliance, and intellectual property issues for the establishment...
Legal Operations
Drafting and reviewing internal policies, manuals, and procedures aligned with the best legal practices. Implementation of systems and processes to...